F.F. International Manufacturing Corporation

It typically started with ten sewing machines and seventeen employees at Brgy. Ugong, Pasig, in 1978. After six-odd years, it has grown remarkably into ten million garment manufacturing enterprise that present lingerie, sleepwear and loungewear lines in big department stores all over in the United States. The germ of the idea was conceived when Josie Cruz Natori, owner of F.F. International, thought of establishing a business “that has to do with my country”, after leaving Wall Street, where she worked as an investment banker. Noticing that a lot of Filipino talents and skills are not appreciated abroad, she thought of elevating these into a level acceptable to what she termed as “the better market.” She felt then that the Filipinos have the ability to produce quality garments that need only to be developed for them to be recognized worldwide. Natori finally decided to go into manufacturing ladies’ wear when she received a blouse from the Philippines. She realized that the garment, which surprised her with its intricate and fine workmanship, has definite possibilities. So she brought it to Bloomingdale’s and suggested that they make it into a nightshirt. One thing followed another, and soon she found herself drawn by market demands into the lingerie line. Capitalizing on her fresh outlook and innate creative talents, Josie Cruz Natori personally designed the garments the company sold, so that they were what she would want to wear herself. Exposed as she was to contemporary fashion as well as being fashionable herself, Natori’s creations soon became hot items, and were called “the darling of department stores.” This necessitated the establishment of her own factory to ensure better quality and production controls. It has outstripped a number of other already recognized brands in the process, and has received the 1983 Dallas Fashion Award for lingerie, equivalent to the film industry’s Oscar Awards. The award dramatized the achievements of F.F. International, being the producer of Natori garments. From a single rack of items to a whole floor of a New York building, the Natori brand of garments has carried with it the stamp of quality of F.F. International, an indelible stamp of handiwork that is increasingly becoming known all over America. It is invisibly present in Natori loungewear, nightwear, lingerie, at-homewear, even slippers and accessories. It is even present in Natori print ads. It keeps the factory in Pasig buzzing all day long, everyday. As a result of the growing popularity of the Natori brand, a new line of casual and at-homewear was created to dress up the dynamic, young professional woman. By Fall of 1985, Josie Cruz Natori launched this new line under the label, “Josie by Natori”, to enable more people to enjoy that ‘Natori taste’ in garments. A unique and versatile line, garments carrying the Josie label can be worn to sleep in, to lounge in, as well as to jump in for quick trips to the nearby grocery or department store. The Josie label embodies the quality and design Natori garments are known for, at economical prices besides. The Natori brand is carried in big department stores such as I. Magnin, Neiman Marcus, Lord and Taylor, Macy’s, Sak’s Fifth Avenue, D. Altman, Bergdorf Goodman, Elizabeth Arden, Victoria’s Secret, and Bloomingdale’s. With a number of multinational designers based in Manhattan, New York to assist her, Josie Cruz Natori dictates the colors, materials, and silhouettes of the garment’s designs. The Natori line are based on the concept of the total woman: that what she wears in the house should be as important as what she wears outside. Even if the Natori designs are often copied, the essence of womanhood embodied in the designs is never captured the way Natori’s products do.

Our Mission

committed to continuous improvement of products and its responsibility to employees. Strives to provide proper customer satisfaction through timely delivery along with enhanced quality and value of all our products.

Our Vision

To achieve customer satisfaction by delivering nothing but the best, by using the best quality resources and materials